Debora Coombs – artist and artisan

Photo: John Burke 2010


19 thoughts on “Debora Coombs – artist and artisan

  1. Deborah such an enjoyment to see. I’m no expert but moving through the site is intuitive and easy.Bill Levine

  2. What a wonderful idea Debora! I look forward
    to viewing the progress as we watch you bring our window full cycle. We can all share
    in the creation as in seeing a spring flower
    unfold to its ultimate beauty. Thank you.

  3. This is a great way to go with your business in such a small town. The colors are remarkable. I am a beginner with the computer, but I’ll keep checking in. ER

  4. Hello Debora,

    I hope all are well, it’s great thing you are doing here. Now with all the smart phone and iPhones, everyone can look at your nice artistic work.

    As artist it’s very important to know about other artist around the work, not only that but also non artist will be able to look at your work and know my good things about you are and your style of work.

    I wish you all the best now and always

  5. Debora, this is wonderful. You’re work is absolutely beautiful. The blog is a great way to keep your fans, like me, up to date. Thanks!


  6. Hello Debora, I greatly respect your ability to draw the cartoon so well and then be able to paint it afterwards. Illustration is the hardest part for me. Anyway congratulations on you blog.
    Jennifer Popp

      • Hi Debora,
        I always looking for stained glass artists and I did found your wonderful art on line. I am beginner in stained glass painting and very interested in all techniques regarding glass art.
        If I lived closer I certainly go for a visit of your studio and ask for some advices from your experience. I follow you on Facebook, you are in my dear friends.
        Salutations amicales !

  7. You have been on my mind…The website is beautiful, very clean and easy to use. I am forever grateful for your kindness, encouragement and hospitality and will long remember my time spent learning and creating in your studio.

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