The Mohawk, last window installed

My last window was just installed at the Mohawk Tavern in North Adams, Massachusetts.


The developer, Dave Moresi, and his team – especially Chris Loyd, have done a beautiful job of restoring the building and I’m proud to have played a part. Besides the new signage and Luxfer prisms, I repaired light fixtures, cut recycled glass for doors and lanterns, and spent most of yesterday soldering seams on the zinc bar top.

The Mohawk is an important piece of local history and right opposite MASS MoCA, so of course, we’ll be patrons. It will re-open on June 19th, in time for the Solid Sound Festival when we’ll be jostling for elbow room at the bar with 8,000 or more Wilco fans.

Richard is super-happy. He has wanted a decent, English-style local pub right next to where he works since we arrived in 1996. Here’s a 2 minute video where you see him briefly, plus some of the extraordinary work he has done at MASS MoCA. It explains why, despite the pub-less-ness, we stayed.

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