Glazing the Middlebrook plank

Photos taken in the studio today, starting with tack-soldering the copper-foiled glass into the steel frame.

photo 1

.photo 2-3

photo 3

and the flip side of the plank, with glass in place and ready to be soldered tomorrow morning.

photo 1-2

photo 3-1

photo 2-1

Plus one last photo of our fancy gloves…

photo 1-3

Read other posts about Jason Middlebrook‘s stained glass plank: the early drawings; welding and fabricating a steel armaturereinforcing the armature, cladding with copper foil, modeling the tree bark, taking templates and cutting glass.

Or come to Open Studio tomorrow, Friday Sept 5th, from 4-6pm

6 thoughts on “Glazing the Middlebrook plank

  1. hi Debora:

    wow! You ROCK! as you solder!!

    this project is awesome – love following your work on it!



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    New Address: 136 East Camp Road Germantown, NY 12526 tel: 845-876-3200 …In a world of mass production, we offer a personal touch to your project.

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