Glasspainting demo; gorgeous smooth, wet mixture

Here’s a very short video (146 seconds) showing how my glasspainting mixture allows for some sumptuous textural  and printmaking effects. On Aug 31st I’ll be teaching a 5-day glasspainting workshop that will explain my mixing procedure and techniques. I still have one place available if anyone is interested.

Dates: Aug 31 to Sept 5th. Cost $720. Location: southern Vermont (3 hrs from Boston, 4hrs from NY city). Go to the teaching pages of my website for more details. Please use the green NEXT buttons and scroll down to read all the text.

Thanks to Ginger Ferrell, who shot this sequence at the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts last summer, and the staff, colleagues and students who made it such a wonderful experience. I hope to teach there again some time.