..more geometry

This is the center top panel, the Nativity star.

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3 thoughts on “..more geometry

  1. The Star of Bethlehem!/ The Star of the Universe. With the light shining through as viewed from inside…heartfelt inspiration! With the illumination from within, as viewed from the Branford Green…it will be breathtaking and truly awesome! Star

  2. Deborah… Your work is stunning and I am delighted for you to see this huge project installed! Blessings on your holidays! Susan

    • Thanks so much Susan, it’s lovely that you are checking out my blog.
      You bring back happy memories of Arrowmont. The week in Tennessee with such a lovely bunch of students was the highlight of my summer, and a much-needed break. Aside from teaching, I have worked solidly on the Branford window since February 1st, for long, long hours each week. It’s been a huge labour of love.
      Happy hols to you too. Stay in touch and send me pics of your work. Happy glasspainting!

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