Stained glass apple blossom for Open Studio

Almost ready for Open Studio! Everyone is welcome to come and see work-in-progress on my stained glass window for Trinity Episcopal Church in Branford CT. Today I’ve been painting branches of apple blossom onto little pieces of pale pink glass.


How to paint delicate apple blossoms? I use an uncontrollably trembling paintbrush, then smudge the petals with my fingers.

Here you can see the first layer of glasspaint photographed on a light table. Note that there are white spaces where the lead will go when the window is fabricated. Tomorrow I will add more paint to the flowers, kiln-fire the glass for the second time, and fix the pieces onto my stained glass easel for viewing up against daylight. Come and critique my work-in-progress!

5 thoughts on “Stained glass apple blossom for Open Studio

  1. Gorgeous detailing even in the first firing! I am totally enjoying your updates to this magnificent work in progress! Thank you for taking the time to share! I can’t wait to visit your studio in person!

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  3. Thanks for saying you have an uncontrolled shaky trace line. Maybe I can use that to my advantage after 5 cups of coffee. Thanks for your blog I will make a point to look at it.
    Take care, Kelley

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