Painting patterns and landscape


Steady Progress on the top part of the window last week. Here’s the Star of Bethlehem.


Painting tracelines around the clouds…


Painting salt marshes took up a fair old hunk of last week too. We tried to video the process of me actually painting this piece but could only capture 8 seconds at a time and don’t know how to join them together. Oh dear, where’s our son the film-maker when we need him!


Here you can see the grassy areas in context behind the figures. I’m really enjoying glasspainting and it’s exciting to see the window progressing so well, but the photographs are horrible. The glass looks like paper cut-outs on the light table -no sparkle or movement. I’m really looking forward to seeing it against the daylight again soon. Hopefully I’ll have several panels waxed up onto the easel for my Open Studio visitors next weekend. I’m also exhibiting eight of my Menfolk panels and will be demonstrating glasspainting.

Open Studio is on Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th, 9am to 5pm each day. There are dozens of other artist’s studios to visit nearby, and hundreds statewide this same weekend during an event organized by the Vermont Crafts Council. Find out more, and 10 ways to plan you studio tour here and at the Vermont Crafts Council Spring 2013 Open Studio Tour webpage.

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