Painting Glass!

My first layer of glasspainting (the ‘tracelines’) went on to the Holy Family yesterday. I finished with the head of Mary. You might notice that there are gaps in her hair (e.g. none at the nape of her neck). I stopped because her hair was flowing so beautifully I didn’t want to smudge it. I’ll finish these areas at the next stage of glasspainting (before the 2nd firing), the one I call ‘texture’.

The glass is photographed lying on the light table in one of my transparent bottomed trays. Notice how flat the colour looks -very different from the lively subtleties you can see when the glass is fixed to the easel. I have developed a unique method of glasspainting that allows me to maintain this sparkle in a fully painted stained glass window. You’ll see more photos as the project progresses. Or you can jump ahead for a sneak preview via these two short films, Menfolk Part 1 and Menfolk Part 2.

Here’s the first kiln load ready for firing.

My trusty assistants, Sam and Cynthia spent today removing glass from easel plates and carefully grinding every single piece (somewhere around 1,200 of them) to match the cutline exactly. Thankyou both!

To Karen, Sam & Hassan: regarding silver stain questions, the expert here is Ken Leap. You can purchase his thoroughly researched and informative book about silver stains online here.

To Douglas: The bottles contain propylene glycol and water for the thinning stage of my proprietary glasspaint mixture. Read the story of how and why I developed this method and download my Student Notes for FREE from my Resources page.

Thanks Ann, Sylvia, Christie, Hassan, Sherry, Lorraine, Doris and everyone else for your enthusiastic comments and interest. It makes blog posting a worthwhile endeavor!

4 thoughts on “Painting Glass!

  1. Dear Debora,
    I have to say that this post was a great one, it was a very informative one mostly the artist names you’ve mentioned. I did look at them and they were awesome, they show real talents of thous artist and their work. Not to forget that Mr. Lep book is one of the many books in my studio and it’s great book for such a creative talanted glass artist.

    I thank you very much for sharing your artistic knowladge with us and lucky me I just started a new project in which I am following your painting method using Propylene glycol which I hope will end up nice, because this id the first time for me to do, as I am used to the old way of glass painting.

    Looking to see more of your creative work and great posts.
    All the best from Kuwait

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